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Hobsons, world's first XR brandy, is currently available at select outlets in Goa. Hobsons XR - a brandy with floral notes, with an opening nose of vanilla, honey and prune that evolves to mellow wine, sweet oak accents and finishes with a satin smooth, languid fade. Bestowed with a revered lineage and backed by an equally legendary status, the House of Bardinet has set the benchmark in creating the perfect French grape brandy.

Right from handpicking the choicest of grapes from the finests vineyards in France to distilling the spirits and maturing them for 3 years in fine oak casks, Hobsons XR weaves its lingering magic on the discerning palate.

Sure enough, Hobsons XR promises to be a Connoisseur's Delight.

Cheers !!