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Hobsons, world's first XR brandy, is currently available at select outlets in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry and Goa.

Hobsons XR - a brandy with floral notes, with an opening nose of vanilla, honey and prune that evolves to mellow wine, sweet oak accents and finishes with a satin smooth, languid fade. Bestowed with a revered lineage and backed by an equally legendary status, the House of Bardinet has set the benchmark in creating the perfect French grape brandy.

Right from handpicking the choicest of grapes from the finest vineyards in France to distilling the spirits and maturing them for 3 years in fine oak casks, Hobsons XR weaves its lingering magic on the discerning palate.

Sure enough, Hobsons XR promises to be a Connoisseur's Delight.




Clovis XO – a rich brandy, is truly for the enthusiasts of life itself. The ones who enjoy the patronage, luxury and lifestyle of the nobility. The privileges and pleasures these men deserve is in every sip of Clovis XO. It is the elixir of elite indulgence. An epitome of grandeur. Kingdom Recreated.

The spirit of richness and opulence that only Clovis XO can bring about is served to these fine men of the upper crust. Those who adorn golden seats, dine with silver spoon and whose tastes sets the benchmark.

Clovis XO is currently available in Andhra Pradesh and Union Territory of Puducherry.

Le Roi'


Le Roi', a Special Reserva Brandy, is blended with imported premium French Grape Brandy and Indian spirits. Blended to perfection and brimming with character, it is full-bodied, yet smooth as honey on the palate. The distinguished amber colour of the blend boasts of strenght and richness.

The honeycomb design on the bottle is an ode to the natural honey, and the blend exuding floral notes of balsam and nutmeg. Le Roi' caputres the imagination with its Xtra smooth blend and is dominatingly rich on the palate. After all, its a reserva, fit for a king.

Le Roi' Black Premium Reserva Whiskey


The choicest and the finest of Indian grain spirit, complemented masterly with imported vatted malt to create an xtra smooth blend for the discerning enthusiasts. Le Roi’ Black Premium Reserva Whiskey is wholesome, balanced and smooth on the palate. The blend is as select as the royal indulgences. After all, it’s a reserva, fit for a king.

Wassup # Trendy Vodka


Made from the finest new age Grain Neutral Spirit, 3x distilled and charcoal filtered for a fresh and trendy taste.
We high five you on your choice to pick this one up.
We say to you that gender is no barrier.! ! ! #
We say mix it up with anything and everything.! ! #

This is our homage to Vodka. A love we have nurtured for many years. We have seen Vodka be fun and frivolous, we have seen Vodka being slammed, we have even seen Vodka being serious!! But one thing is for sure-Vodka is here to stay. WE wanted the presentation to reflect the diversity and versatility of this Wild, Wicked, Whimsical drink.
# And we said to ourselves - why should Tequila only have all the fun?!

So here it is - WASSUP # Trendy Vodka.

We salute the music in your Spirit. 0